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ANS Plumbing, (A Neighborhood Service) company was started in 2000 by its original Owner, Mr. Prince Patrick Slaughter.

Prince had been in the plumbing industry for over 20 years, working for various plumbing companies in the Dallas -

Fort Worth area of north Texas.  Prince decided to open his own company where he could give his customers

superior service at a price much lower than the companies he had been working for.


This brought in steady and repeat customers that built ANS Plumbing.  Prince preferred offering services at a

reduced price so his customers would always call him again in the future.

It is that theory that is still in practice at ANS Plumbing.


After many successful years of running ANS Plumbing Prince met what turned out to be his best friend

and most trusted friend, Randy Clark in 2013.  Prince convinced Randy to join him with running the company's

office and daily operations while so he could spend more time in the field.


While Prince was out in the field checking on current jobs in progress and conducting training of his

field plumbers the office was being handled by Randy & his Assistant, Kimberly McConnell.

With both of them having many years of customer service in their background and Randy having

owned his own businesses in the past ANS Plumbing began growing at a very rapid pace.


The business continued growing through 2016 when Prince was looking at expanding the company

beyond just plumbing which took his time away from the field operations so things leveled out.

In 2017 Prince became temporarily ill from a rare arthritis and due to rules of the plumbing

industry the company had to slow down since its Master Plumber was not able to be

in the field as much as he had in the past.


At the end of 2017, with Prince fully recovered from his illness, he and Randy began the re-building

of the company.  Contacting its long term customers and accounts.  They were just beginning

to see the company heading back to its former successes when tragedy struck them

when Prince very unexpectedly and suddenly died from a drowning accident.


Randy, Kimberly and all the ANS Plumbing crew (past & present) and steady customers were

totally shocked, and didn't know what to do next.  Randy & Kimberly decided to shut down the business

until they could settle their best friend's affairs.


On January 1st of 2018, Randy & Kimberly re-opened ANS Plumbing for business and

began taking some small service calls.  Today ANS Plumbing continues to re-build and recover

from the loss of its founder.  With the return of very talented and skilled plumbers that learned

everything they knew from Prince set to come back to the company, ANS Plumbing will rise again.


If you are a licensed plumber in North Texas, and wanting to join a growing company, please contact us.



Our Founder

Prince Slaughter 1966-2017

Prince  Patrick  Slaughter

September 15, 1966  -  October 03, 2017




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